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The QNS Scrotal Support System   was developed  especially  for  a  patient  with multiple medical  conditions  including  a Penectomy,   Congestive  Heart     Failure, Chronic Renal Failure, and  Lymphedema. 

The  patient    went  quickly  from  scrotal enlargement  to gross  elephantiasis.   The patient  was  unable  to   get   comfortable, and    had    difficulty    sleeping,    sitting,  walking,  and    performing    daily   tasks   including  maintaining    proper   hygiene.

 The efficacy of traditional scrotal support garments  was   nil   because  the  already troubled  area  was  getting  worse.    The patient  obviously needed  a  more effective scrotal support.

 The    QNS   Scrotal   Support   System  transfers  stress  and strain from the waist and scrotal area to the shoulders where an enormous bulk of  musculature  is   found. The result is  wonderful scrotal  support, and added comfort as well as convenience.

Because hygiene  plays  such an  important part in health, it is desirable to have at least two   garments   so one  can  be  laundered  while  the  other  is  worn.    It  may also be   necessary  for  persons  with  gross   scrotal edema    to     maintain     scrotal    support    throughout    the   night.  

The    QNS Scrotal  Support  System   has    elastic   over   the    shoulder  straps   with adjusters  to  lengthen  or shorten the straps.  The  QNS is available in Black or White with three standard sizes; Regular, Large, and X-Large. Custom  sizes   available  upon  request. 

The QNS is accepted by Urologists and other medical specialists nationally, and internationally. Approved and accepted by The Commodities Standard Committee of The Veterans Administration Medical Center in Nashville, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee, the QNS is available to all Veterans. Available through The AUA Urology Marketplace, many local pharmacies, hospital supply companies, and online sites, the QNS is easily obtained.



The second person to use the QNS Scrotal Support System was a young man with debilitating pain from a varicocele, a varicosity in the scrotal sac. The support of the QNS Scrotal Support System allowed him to move freely while attending karate class. He now wears it more regularly.

The third person was a patient who underwent prostate cancer surgery. The QNS Scrotal Support System was very helpful in his recovery and he states that he will always use it because it supports him so well.

It is evident that the utility of the QNS Scrotal Support System includes a wide span of patient applications including sportsmen, medical patients, surgical patients, and the average man who desires a unique scrotal support. Scrotal support should be considered with or without an abnormal condition.



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