"I am grateful to Dr. Quinn for coming up with this idea. While I was still in the hospital Dr. Quinn promised that he would figure out a way to help me, and he did." Tennessee

"I used the QNS for a problem with a varicocele. I was in a lot of pain and my doctor did not opt for surgery because of my age. I am sixteen. I used the QNS everyday while I had pain and I also used it when I did strenuous exercise to protect myself while I was in a weak state. I am thankful that the QNS was available for my condition." New York

"I am very pleased to have the support garment from Dr. Quinn. Before using this garment I had a hard time walking across the room. Now, thanks to Dr. Quinn, I can walk down the hill to K mart and shop." Tennessee

"My problem is more extreme than most, but the support from this garment has helped me tremendously. I am able to do the things I have to do daily, and I am so thankful." Tennessee

"I can sleep better because this support garment keeps me separated from myself and keeps me from being pinched." Tennessee

"I go to the hospital pretty often and I see a lot of people who can use this garment. I would like for more people to know about it because it sure has helped me." Tennessee

"After prostate surgery I had limited mobility. Dr. Quinn suggested the Scrotal Support Garment. My first reaction was this will not help. I was not walking or doing anything else. I had a sore and swollen scrotum. After one day with the Quinn Support System walking was no longer a problem. There was no pain when I would sit or stand. Day by day I regained my stamina. Two weeks later I was mowing the grass. Now, (six weeks later), I am walking over three miles a day. Dr. Quinn, thanks for helping speed my recovery.

P.S. Doc, over the weekend I got my golf clubs out to take a few practice swings. With the supporter on, I was more aware of my set up and posture. Will it take strokes off my game? Who knows, but, you got me back on the course." Virginia


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